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Chicago Illinois Swingers Social Gatherings

rules of the Party 

 We ask that everyone attending our parties to treat others as you yourself  would like others to treat you.  We do not allow smoking, so if you smoke we ask that you please smoke outside.  Please politely say no if want to decline an invitation.   Men should always let the women make the first move.  Everyone must ask before touching.  

if you come to the event as a couple you should leave as a couple.  Discuss everything as a couple before attending our gatherings.  

Please only bring alcohol that you are going to consume.   We ask that you do not take opened bottles out of the hotel room.   Whatever our guest do 

not consume must be thrown away.   We ask that everyone attending our parties to drink responsibly.  There is absolutely no drugs of any kind at our parties, nor any other illegal activities allowed.  Sex is never guaranteed  and we do not provide refunds.  Donations are for food  , soft drinks and all other things that we provide as well as a pressure free friendly environment.

Failure to abide by these rules, you will be asked to leave and banned from our  future gatherings.  


   Thank You,

Swingers Life Clubs